Case Studies

Case Study #1

Exterior Additions – Add an Outdoor Room

A small patio turned into two separate outdoor rooms.

The clients had a clear objective: they wanted an outdoor structure so they could enjoy their award winning garden at any time during the year.  The patio was small with limited seating.  It was also too hot for use in the summer and provided no protection from cold winds and rain in the winter.


The project required adding a structural support while protecting the existing patio and landscaping.  Careful analysis of the existing window placement was required to maintain the views while providing a structural connection to the house.

The existing patio area was expanded to allow room for the structural requirements and seamlessly nestled up against the existing pond and waterfall feature.  A balcony was added over the covered patio.  The new access was added by replacing the second floor window with a French door.  An iron railing and trellis were used on the upper level to allow for a filtered view and some sun exposure.  The finishing touches on the upper balcony included a fan to provide air movement for the hot summers, and a tiled floor to create a clean and finished look.

The lower patio now provides a perfect compliment to the award winning garden.  The arched balcony supports create a “framed view” from inside the house.  The outdoor fireplace adds  a bit of luxurious ambiance and helps with the cold nights.  The hearth was raised and precast surround was added for charm and aesthetics.  A signature wood ceiling with a fan compliments the overall design.


In October of 2009, Landmark Builders was honored by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry with the esteemed Contractor of the Year award in the category ‘Residential Exterior Specialty’ for this project!

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