Building Process

Customer Service

At Landmark, we understand that service after occupancy is as important as the construction of the home itself. Therefore, we have a One-Year Builder Warranty program that begins with a homeowner orientation prior to move-in or re-inhabitance. During this meeting, Landmark demonstrates all of the features of the clients’ new home/renovation and allows us to note any operational items that need to be completed or addressed prior to closing the project. Sixty days later we will return to the home to take care of any operational repairs or adjustments noted on our 60 Day Warranty Form, which is sent out 30 days after construction completion. Then, at twelve months, we will return for a final review and address any operational items that are noted on our 1 Year Warranty Form, which is sent out 11 months after construction completion (see the attached files: 30 Day and 11 Month Warranty Forms).

Though, we are well known for bending over backwards at keeping our clients happy in their new home/renovation, as always, homeowners also share the burden of caring for their home. Therefore, during the initial client orientation walk, and through a provided home maintenance manual, we stress the importance and necessity for regular and consistent homeowner care and maintenance, as homeowner negligence can void the warranty.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office at (916) 783-0356 with any questions, as we truly are committed to being “your custom home builder and renovation specialist.”