Building Process


Under this phase, we like to conduct at least three types of meetings with a prospective client prior to signing a “preliminary agreement” to build their project (see bullet points below for the meeting types).

1st Meeting
Meet and review lot/house – discuss potential obstacles/cost impacts

For a prospective client, it is important to interview very reputable contractors and then connect with a preferred builder as early as possible in the project’s “life cycle.” The initial consultation (1st Meeting) enables a client and builder to determine if they are a ‘fit’ and will serve as a starting point for the builder to evaluate the client’s initial construction needs. Getting an experienced and honest builder involved early in the process (either before or shortly after the selection of an architect) is beneficial because the client then has the benefit of the builder’s expertise to help identify, discuss and mitigate potential obstacles and cost impacts.

2nd Meeting(s)
Visit current/past projects – observe Landmark in action

Additionally, prospective clients have the opportunity to visit some of our projects, which typically are at different stages of the construction process. These meeting types (2nd Meeting) enable the client to view our detailed workmanship, construction practices and service levels. The visits also provide a platform for clients to view new and different design and selection alternatives.

3rd Meeting
Discuss overall process, process details and Q&A

Finally, we conduct a “Process” meeting (3rd Meeting) in which we walk the client through the details of our overall construction approach: how our deposit agreement works, how we begin working with the client’s architect and engineer, preliminary pricing, identifying selections, working through the building department, finalizing the budget and contract and beginning construction.