Building Process


Let the excitement begin! Once a contract has been signed, the financing approved and the permit ready, we begin breaking ground. To us, the construction phase is truly an exciting time – it’s the stage that we refer to as the fun part! Why? Because a lot of time has been spent during the pre-construction stages ensuring that everyone involved has crossed their T’s and dotted their I’s, and the only thing left by the time we reach this stage of the game, is to have fun.

  • Pull permits and begin construction
  • Periodic milestone meetings
  • Confirm pre-construction selections
  • Complete construction
  • Perform Home Owner Orientation
  • Finalize accounting and transfer keys

Construction of a client’s custom home or renovation requires a well-coordinated effort by all parties involved. Therefore, we will effectively facilitate every step of the construction process through our extensive expertise and a series of client milestone and periodic meetings. The client meetings are designed to review progress and confirm prior selections.

Communications, whether by e-mail, fax or telephone, are vital for a successful home building experience. Therefore, Landmark also establishes service levels to ensure that client concerns and/or questions are addressed within a day, if not within hours.