Building Process

Budget & Contract

Once the client has approved the architect and engineer’s final plans, Landmark will have all of its sub-contractors and suppliers price the project based on the client’s identified selections and plan specifications. At this time, final plans and supporting documentation are also submitted to the appropriate building department. The overall time frame, from start to finish, for both of these efforts typically takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks, depending on project type.

  • Price final plans
  • Submit plans to Building Dept.
  • Finalize budget and specifications
  • Sign contract
  • Approve project financing

Once all of the final pricing is obtained and validated we will meet with the clients to review a draft of the final budget. At this point we work to finalize the budget, refine the contract specifications and sign the final contract.

The final step within this stage is for Landmark to review and approve the client’s project financing (i.e. theirs or their financial institution’s draw schedule). The project financing defines when and how much the builder will be paid throughout the project; this is typically based on the percentage of completion of each stage of the construction process or a set monthly draw schedule.